The LULL again..

Seeing my last post happened on Jan 1 , and back to this place typing crap again … The lull was due to lots of reasons , my older system getting corrupted , waiting longer to get a new one , but here I am back stronger with better ideas to ponder about ..
Believing to leak my thoughts in the days to come ,



2011 The Year that was …

So another year goes by , time to press the rewind button to remind ourself what just flew by in the days that traveled with us , I always like recording history , after all when you read them back it gives you an awesome feeling to remind oneself that we just lived that moment or saw it live when it happened.

You can come across different versions of what happened in the year that went by in Newspapers or televisions , the list that follows is the one I take as my picks , sort of random or might be missing a lot , still these just struck to my heart when I decided to do a post like this.

World Gets Heavier : 

This tops my list , 7 billion and counting , the media hype around the 7 billionth baby was something crazy , wonder what the fuss was all about , different countries claimed their stake , India said it was theirs (God we have already a billion here !!) , Yes the world is heavy now , just could see people everywhere , is this a healthy sign ? time will answer.

Year of Elections :

I unfortunately was not able to cast my vote , state elections were held in many , change of power in many. Tamil Nadu saw something very strange , the voter turnout , 78% , which is just not a number but a benchmark in the days to come , the election commission seriously needs a appreciation here . AIADMK swept the polls literally , a clear cut majority over it arch rival DMK which did not even emerge as a opposition in the state house . AMMA JAYALALITHA emerged as the CM for the third time .


One just not want these , but still a common man when he expressed his anger and is retaliated riots spread , London and Paramakudi (sorry for combining both ) made headlines , one resulted in extensive loss of property and the later caused unrest , people lost their lives , to me both could have been avoided , hope in the days to come we should not be seeing something like this.

Japan – Quaked : 

Natural Disasters just reached another level in 2011 , temperatures reaching the highest and lowest  ever recorded , still Japan as always the unlucky nation , took most of it , the Tsunami followed by an earthquake resulted in extensive loss of lives and property , seems the magnitude was 11 on Richter scale ! But the way they have bounced back just teaches a lesson to other nations especially the developing ones , to me they were the best people , reading the rebuilding stories I was able to learn a lot.

Jobless and Godless :

Death is something that is inevitable , but when it happens to people who are famous the impact that is felt is higher , Sathya Sai Baba – Who was considered godly by many of his followers , had his last breath this year , the trust which he has , hope it goes into good hands ,after all trust is something to the society and not to the greedy individuals around , RIP Baba

Steve Jobs , one of the guys who can make it to my inspirational list easily , the innovations which he did revolutionized this world , sad that he is no more . But his inventions will not die …

Dev Anand , legendary actor , director , producer , evergreen people called him , but his memories will be evergreen from now on.

Bhimsen Joshi , Bangarappa , MF hussain , Tiger Pataudi are the notable ones who breathed their last in 2011.

RIP all ..

Koodankulam :

Nuclear energy is our future , risks out of this can be avoided if there is a strict maintenance procedure followed , wonder why there were no questions when the plant was built all these years and suddenly when the plan was all set , people started protesting headed by some politically driven group to me ..

Jailed :

2011 can well be remembered for 2G and Commonwealth scams , numbers saw a new meaning here , 1.76 thousanc crores (God I do not know how to put that in figures ) , Raja , Kanimozhi , name them they were in jails when questioned. Hope they punish the guilty in the end , still India`s image was tarnished , when a developing country gets something like this , we need to question ourself on where we are really heading.


Schools reopened , but students did not get their books , the reasons , the government which was sworn in did not want the uniform textbooks to be introduced this year , finally cases were lodged , supreme court intervened and this was introduced , not before a lot of confusion though.


Water is the elixir of life it seems , but the fight for this touched another level between TN and Kerala , the bitterness was such that keralites attacked the Pilgrims to Sabari mala (still think this to be a rumour) , the organisations back in TN were attacked by the people here , a movie was not allowed to be screened , what it now stands is a cold war between two wonderful states who just share everything , hope all is well in 2012.


Superheroes are not born but made according to me , this septuagenarian in the name of Anna Hazare just pulled crowds wherever he went , India against corruption is his motto , still to me this created a big media hype , it was just everywhere , is the job done ? No is the sad answer , after all this movement just lacked something , a separate group cannot just come in , sit for hunger strikes and ask government to rewrite laws , ANNA to me should be respected , after all this is not an age to sit for hunger strikes , he has just woken up the nation , some one should pick this up and fight against corruption.

Cup Of Joy:

Finally 2011 showed India can win a final !! That too a world cup , god lucky that we were all able to enjoy this moment , after all this was one of the highs for India in 2011 , all said the cup was won for Sachin , who had waited 28 years with us , to me this cup simply belonged to the man with the midas touch MS Dhoni also Yuvaraj (hope he gets well soon) ,

To me the India Pak match was the best , their were die hard people who said you can lose the finals we will forgive you but do not lose to Pakistan !!

Records were rewritten , Sachin to whom every run scored is a record for a long time , scaled 15k runs in tests , Sehwag blasted his way to a double ton(219) against the Windies.

Vrooooooooom India :

F1 in India , an Indication on what the Indians are seeing , made its debut this year , the Buddh Circuit in Noida (these were farm lands earlier fyki) was built and machines touched speeds that were never seen , Sebabstian Vettel was crowned the winner , who keeps winning every race.

SLAP of the year:

Sharath Powar slapped by a Sardar , common man anger just reached another level here , god that was a good slap 🙂

The Royal Wedding:

Ahhh , god another over hyped event this year , weddings are always royal for many , but a prince wedding is more royal !!


I cannot miss this , song of the year even before the movie is released , this just got everybody humming , You Tube touched a new high of viewing this , type the words WHY , you can see why this song a hit in Youtube …

Gold Russssssh :

Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple(phew ..) , seems the treasury is huge there , the secret vault was opened , and who knows after the valuation , this temple will go down as the costliest ever , Indians were never poor in history it is the people who ruled made us poor in the days that followed 🙂

O sama :

Finally this man was conquered , the US were turning poor day by day searching for this most wanted man on earth and they were victorious having shot him in Pakistan (Hope we do not see more people like him in future).

This is it , I have not mentioned dates or months in any of the events above , just to test the readers memory 🙂

2011 was a wonderful year , hope 2012 brings a lots of good luck to people all over.

A small prayer that natural disasters should be less all over the world , after all lives when lost cannot be replaced.

Cheers …

Kolaveri ….

The viral keeps spreading , just wanted to write about something , here it is , the song that everybody is humming , never seen a song create this sort of  a wave , even superstar`s songs have not been this much to be fair.

So “Why this Kolaveri” is pretty simple , easy rhyming lyrics , nice beats (very refreshing) , the wonderful marketing strategy of putting a single launch  and making it the “trending” thing in You tube , man its a week now and its still trending with 7,440,928 views .

All seem be humming this , hope they do not disappoint when they release the video for this ,

Until then continue your kolaveri 🙂


23 not out

So turning 23 today.
Wanted to make sure that I am recording this day somewhere so that it will be extra special.
A birthday is a special day for any individual , it not just tells him that he gets an year older but also makes him to press the rewind button and makes him think about what all he has done.
I was just doing the same , all my birthdays have been extra special , the wishes thru facebook , phone calls at midnight , I am seeing it all.
What did I do today
It was a simple rather beautiful day , lunch out with parents , seeing my grandpa, a visit to the temple for what he has given me all these days rather not asking him to give me
more in the days to come.
Returning texts and phone calls of your friends and relatives, the day was busy indeed.
So lots ahead , I am not sure where I will be in my next birthday.
Taking this as my first day for another wonderful journey ahead….

Cheers 🙂

This world is Job-less :(

I wonder how my last post connects to the one I am writing now , the last post read , I have an iphone in my hand and this is out of the phone sending out a obituary message to the inventor of iphone 😦

This is a great loss , yes , Steve Jobs in no more , a few people to whom I looked up and considered him as a great human being , sad that he came , he lived , he conquered and he is gone now. I did miss him two days before when a keynote was delivered for the new iphone release , iphone 4s , I was a great fan of all his presentations or the keynotes you would call them , the way he released his products , the way he expressed them , the mere appearance of a simple guy with black tees and a blue jean giving a revolutionary keynote were simply amazing all these years.

Innovation is something that not all can achieve , when people try to innovate , questions arise on how they will execute it , Steve was one such a man , who questioned why computer monitors should be a square box , he introduced the revolutionary mouse which changed the entire computer industry for instance , lots more , Innovation was within Jobs , the biggest point he executed it with a flair.

How is it affecting me personally ?

I am a proud owner of two apple products now , the ipod classic and iphone 4 , its been a sheer pleasure to use these , especially I have been using the ipod for 5 years now , and its been a month with the iphone. The first time I saw an ipod I was amazed with its simplicity just like Jobs , then I became a big fan of all his products and his new releases . Every time I see the iphone in my hand it just puts me off.Just think what amount of research and planning would have gone into that product , yes he had a good team , still Apple created a niche for itself by producing some mind boggling products under the leadership of Jobs , be it the mac , ipod , ipad , iphone , all were gems.

People say Jobs was a tough task master ..

Yes he was , I think you can be for some reason , people called him psychic , but when he delivered a keynote on a  product everybody started focusing on the product and all his bad qualities suddenly vanished , who cares really , when someone revolutionizes this world, he can do whatever he wants , he was fired from his own organization !! people called him crazy when he started making animation pics , but he gave a new dimension to them by making cars and toys talk , he made money again there and back he came to the bitten apple once more !! A car shed is what it all took for a man to start his organization in 1976, now it up there.

I have been watching his keynotes all day , we can do just that his memories will stay with us , for a man who

wanted to free people from windows and showed them new doors ,

who made music listening an experience through his pods ,

who made toys  and cars talk through his movies ,

created a pad and revolutionized the touchpad industry altogether,

created a phone and called it an iphone which was plain in its look but did more than a phone…

Stay hungry. Stay Foolish , were his golden words , sadly he will Stay only in our memories from now on,

Its been a privilege to live in this era where technology has seen tremendous growth in leaps and bounds and see people who were behind that , Jobs was one such a human being , sad that he will be missed in the days to come , after all 56 was not an age to die , who knew he had more in store and god said enough for all the magic he had created all these days ,

Infinite loop CA will know the value of infinity really today !!!

A salute to a man who changed the way how technology should be looked today and in the days to come ,

Innovation == Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011) 



IPhone ….

Yes it’s my time to say “if you do not have an iphone , you do not have an iPhone”.just feeling like I have realized a dream of getting one , might be late ,still better late than never 🙂 more to follow , cheers ….


Back with a movie review this time , was able to catch up with the hype and expectation of Venkat Prabhu`s and “Thala” Ajith`s game “Mankatha” , guess what it was a FDFS for me , people around me say that i am lucky to have seen it so early (looks like the opening is awesome and the tickets are sold out for the rest of the week 🙂

So back to the movie , truly i think this movie is a dedication to Ajith`s hardcore fans , he might have disappointed in his previous flicks , but this one which happens to be his 50th will be right up there in everybody`s memory not alone his fans , i am neutral and i am a not a big fan of Ajith , still he amazes me by his style and the sheer appearance on screen.

What special about this movie , the story very simple , taken cricket betting as the base (Wonder Venkat Prabhu has a close relationship with cricket , there is a mention in all his movies i guess ) , Ajith is potrayed as a baddy who joins a group of people who fall in his trap , the story unfurls whether he gets the 500 crores which he had planned . Arjun`s role is perfect , the anti climax just amazed me in the end , typical commercial formula i guess . The cast is simply amazing , all don their roles to perfection , Andrea , Anjali , Vaibhav , Premji and one more (seems he is friend of Dayanidi Alagiri , the only loose performer in the movie 😛 ) have done a good job , especially Arjun and Vaibhav are terrific in some scenes. Premji with his trademark mokkais tries to bring some laughter , the scene where he and Ajith are drunk and exchange dialogues such as ” Manusan padacha rendu urupudiana vishayam , onnum sarakku innonu murukku ” are seriously comical , Enthiran and Rajini are his targets this time , well tried Premji . Now to the splitup ,

1.Story :

As I said before , a easy story well constructed , still first half is nagging  ,can take account that they make the plot , but one should accept the first half is boring really . Songs again , the duet of Ajith and Trisha – Bin Laden one is absolutely boring , felt like taking a nap during that , otherwise the last 20 mins are awesome.

2.Team :

As a team , Team Mankatha have played beautifully , characters well potrayed , backing Ajith , sometimes even overtaking Ajith.


Yuvan Shankar Raja , he is the man again , the background is amazing in some places , few songs are foot tapping , i enjoyed , ” Machi open the bottle ” , semma kuthu.

4.Overall :

The message is wonderfully conveyed , even they make people to watch end credits , by showing the bloopers , wonderful idea.Stunts are amazing ( அஜித் படத்ல கேட்க வேண்டாம்) the bike sequence which he has performed still gives me goosebumps , hope people do not see this and try it on the roads.

Here goes my rating ,

P.S : I missed out Laxmi Rai , she is another who is a loose end in this movie , absolutely !!

This is தல திருவிழா literally , if you are a hard core Ajith Fan you will really want anybody reviewing this to give a 5 on 5 , but given everything in this movie , I really thought on a whole it was an awesome entertainer , it did have a lot of loose ends though , like muted dialogues( looks that is the new way censoring a swearing word !!) , lengthy first half , also the story was guessable to people like me (Oh do not start to swear at me now !! ) , i give it

4 out of a possible 5 , and  * * * * * for Ajith`s performance , he is the man of the match of the Mankatha Game !!

Game Over … Cheers 🙂

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